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General Lodging Conditions

Specific Conditions for Hotel and Apartment Reservations

By and between, Tor Global Travel, S.L.U., with registered office in Madrid, Gran Via St, 22 Dup 5º, 28013, and Tax Identification Number (NIF) B-87500856.

And the user, who accesses the website to learn about and contract the services offered through the website and who declares to be of legal age (that is, at least 18 years of age) and has the legal capacity necessary to enter into this agreement and to use this website in accordance with this Legal Notice and with the General Conditions of each type of service offered on the website, both of which the user hereby declares understands in their entirety.

These terms supplement the provisions set forth in the legal notices appearing on the Website

1. Confirmation of hotel reservations

Once payment has been made for the reservations, the User shall receive a voucher via email, which must be presented at the establishment.

In the event that such information is not received, the User must contact his or her assigned agent or our Contact Centre.

2. Descriptions

Some of the services provided by the hotels may involve additional fees. If these are not specified, it is suggested that the User verify them directly with the hotel.

Unless indicated otherwise, room descriptions correspond to double-occupancy rooms with private bath. Some establishments offer the possibility of booking rooms with shared bath, which will be specified in the room description.

In the event that the User discovers any anomaly upon arrival at the hotel, we recommend that he or she get in touch with our Contact Centre immediately.

3. Photographs

Due to the inherently temporal nature of photographs, they are not of a contractual nature, but instead should be viewed within the context of the description of the contracted services.

4. Operating hours and seasons

In some cases, certain services and facilities are not available 24 hours a day or 365 days a year. For example, unheated pools are typically only open during the summers, and heated pools in most cases are only heated during the winters.

The internal operating procedures of each individual establishment determine when these services are open or available.

5. Prices

All reservations, with the exception of those specified as being payable directly at the lodging establishment, shall be due and payable (unless a payment method other than a credit or debit card is accepted or whenever instalment payments are permitted) at such time as the User clicks on the 'Book and Pay' button, which shall be construed as his or her express consent to enter into the lodging contract and to effectuate the corresponding payment.

All fees that are not specified as being payable directly at the lodging establishment shall be collected at such time as the User clicks on the 'Book and Pay' button.

Our prices for lodging services include indirect taxes on consumption, when applicable, lodging at the chosen establishment with the contracted board type and all the services and extras specified in the voucher.

Our prices do not include any other services not expressly specified in the voucher, including, but not limited to, visas, vaccination certificates, 'extras', such as coffee, wine, liquor, mineral water, special diets, laundry and ironing, parking, telephone use, cribs, TV lease, spa services, thermal baths, massages, medical, therapeutical or health treatments, or any other similar services offered by the establishment for an additional fee that is not included in the price paid for the primary lodging services that have been contracted.

6. Cancellation insurance

During the reservation process, the User is given the opportunity to purchase cancellation insurance, which is recommended, as it allows the User to recover any cancellation fees paid, whenever the reasons for cancellation are covered under the policy. The cost of the policy is not reimbursable.

7. Taxes and fees on lodging

For certain destinations, additional taxes may apply, including, but not limited to, lodging and location fees, which may vary in relation to the classification of the establishment and the destination. These fees shall be paid directly at the hotel establishment, and the User shall be solely responsible for their payment.

8. Use of rooms and apartments

At the time of making the reservation for a room or apartment, the User is solely and exclusively responsible for correctly indicating the number of occupants, including children, regardless of their ages. The User is advised that management of the establishment may legally refuse to admit any undeclared persons, in which event the User waives the right to file any claims in this regard.

9. Picking up keys

At the time of making the reservation, it is recommended that the User confirm the time and place where the keys are to be picked up, as keys are not always handed over at the same address where the apartments are located.

Keys are generally picked up between 5:00 and 8:00 p.m.

10. Establishment category

The quality and content of the services provided by the hotel shall be determined by the official category assigned to it in the country where it is located and subject to governmental supervision. This classification may not correspond to that offered by other States, as quality may vary between accommodations of the same category in different locations, including locations within the same country. It is recommended that the User carefully read the information provided, as well as any additional information available on the various review and rating websites.

11. Double- and triple-occupancy rooms

In light of the current legislation in certain destinations (which only establishes the existence of single- and double-occupancy rooms, permitting some of the latter to be equipped with a third or fourth bed) and the normal layout specific to the hotels, in the event that the reserved room has capacity for more than two persons (or reference is made to triple- or quadruple-occupancy rooms), unless confirmed by the hotel, this shall be understood as a double-occupancy room with one or two additional beds.

11.1 Double beds / twin beds

If is not indicate, any reference to standard or double rooms can be understood to be both double bed and twin beds, depending on availability and internal policy of the hotel. OnlineTravel in any case can' t guarantee a particular type of bed, even if we inform to hotel about preferences of customers.

12. Check-in and check-out times for hotels and apartment hotels

Unless agreed otherwise, hotel check-in time begins at 2:00 p.m., regardless of the time the User actually arrives at the hotel.

Check-out time is at 12:00 noon, regardless of the scheduled departure time.

13. Check-in and check-out times for apartments

Unless agreed otherwise, the check-in time at apartments begins at 5:00 p.m., and the check-out time is at 10:00 a.m.

Upon the arrival of guests, it is customary for most establishments to request a security deposit, which is reimbursed at the time of check-out, once the flat is inspected to confirm that it has been left in good condition.

The aforementioned deposit may be collected by the establishment via credit card or in cash, depending on the internal operating procedures of the individual establishment.

14. Valid period of the reservation

Reservations are normally held until 8:00 p.m. on the scheduled check-in date. If a later arrival is anticipated, it is recommended to notify the establishment directly. Failure to do so may result in the establishment making the room(s) or apartment(s) available to other guests.

15. Groups

The rates offered by OnlineTravel are for individual reservations only and are not valid for groups. The hotel may reject any reservations that, in its judgement, might constitute a group.

16. Minors

Children under the age of 18 are not permitted to stay at hotels or apartments without the accompaniment of at least one person of legal age.

It is recommended that the User confirm any special terms related to free or discounted services for children with OnlineTravel in light of the diverse criteria establishments may employ in this regard. These free or discounted services should be understood as applying only when the room is occupied by two adults with a maximum of two children.

17. Cribs and additional beds

In the event that a crib is needed, the User must indicate this when making the reservation, given that the hotel establishments avail of a limited supply. As in the case of any 'extra', crib use shall be paid directly at the hotel. The User must enquire as to the applicable surcharge for additional beds for adults, as it may vary from one establishment to another. Some establishments have a limited number of extra beds, so it is advisable to confirm their availability when making the reservation.

18. Pets

OnlineTravel cannot guarantee the possibility of bringing pets to the establishment booked by the User. While they are generally not admitted, we recommend verifying this information prior to contracting any services.

19. Board types

19.1. Full room and board

Breakfast, lunch and dinner shall be served by the hotel, beginning with dinner on the day of check-in and ending with lunch on the day of check-out (if permitted by the hotel, this may be modified by the User at the time the reservation is made).

Under certain circumstances, hotels may reserve the right to modify the order of meals in accordance with their internal policies.

19.2. Half board

In the case of half board, breakfast and dinner shall be served, unless the User chooses a different plan, the hotel is willing to accept substitutions (e.g. lunch instead of dinner), and this condition is not expressly specified in the services to be provided.

Under certain circumstances, hotels may reserve the right to modify the order of meals in accordance with their internal policies.

19.3. All-inclusive

This varies, depending on the internal programme of the chosen hotel. The User can verify the specifics by contacting the hotel.

Under certain circumstances, hotels may reserve the right to modify the order of meals in accordance with their internal policies.

19.4. Beverages

The User is reminded that, unless stipulated otherwise in the voucher, drinks are not included in the meal plan.

20. Modifications and cancellations made by the User

20.1. Modifications prior to the scheduled sojourn at the lodging

In the event of modifications to the User's reservation, OnlineTravel cannot guarantee the availability of the new dates or required conditions on the part of the provider. Once a request is received, the establishment is contacted in order to confirm the new conditions, which will then be offered for the User's approval and acceptance. The handling fee for modifying any lodging services that have been contracted through OnlineTravel is TWELVE euros (EUR 12), unless pertaining to a combined purchase of lodging and transportation services, in which case the fee shall be TWENTY euros (EUR 20) per passenger.

20.2. Modifications once the scheduled sojourn at the lodging has commenced

In the event of modifications made to the contracted terms once the User has begun using the lodging services, OnlineTravel is committed to making every necessary effort to satisfy the User's requests. Any requested modification that involves new terms with the establishment shall be offered to the User in advance for his or her approval and acceptance.

In the event that the User vacates the establishment prior to the check-out date stipulated in the reservations, in order to receive a refund for any unused services, the User must obtain written proof of check-out from the establishment, indicating that no amounts will be charged for the unused nights.

21. Special requests

The confirmation of special requests depends solely on the hotel.

22. Cancellations

During the reservation process, the User will be informed of the fees for cancellation, which will also appear in the email receipt that is sent once the reservation has been confirmed.

It is important to point out that providers generally consider reductions in the number of nights or any changes in dates or reservation holders as cancellations.

In the event that the fee is non-refundable, it will not be possible to modify or cancel the reservation.

OnlineTravel applies a fee of TWELVE euros (EUR 12) per cancellation or modification per reservation, which shall be applied regardless of whether the establishment applies the agreed fees or not and regardless of any split payments or instalment payments.

If the cancellation pertains to a combined purchase of lodging and transportation services, the fee shall be TWENTY euros (EUR 20) per passenger.

22.1. How to cancel a reservation

If the reservation allows online cancellations, the User can simply use the link provided for such purposes and follow the instructions.

If the reservation does not allow online cancellations, the User must contact his or her agent by telephone or at the email address provided during the reservation process.

22.2. No-show

In the event of a no-show (a non-notified failure to appear at the establishment), the establishment may charge 100% of the total reservation as a penalty. OnlineTravel shall not be held liable in the event that the establishment retains these sums.

23. Right to cancellation

In accordance with Article 97.1 of the Revised Text of the General Consumer and User Protection Act (known by its Spanish initials, TRLGDCU), the User is hereby informed that his or her right to cancellation shall be inapplicable, pursuant to the provisions of Article 103 of the aforementioned law.

24. Payments made at the establishment

Payments may be made directly to OnlineTravel or directly to the establishment, depending on each individual lodging service provider. During the reservation process, we will indicate which method shall apply.

In the case of payments made directly to the establishment, OnlineTravel does not collect the amount of the reservation, which shall be paid by the User upon check-in or check-out at the establishment. If the credit card used to guarantee the reservation cannot be correctly validated by the establishment, the establishment reserves the right to cancel the reservation. In order to guarantee a reservation, upon confirmation, the establishment may charge the amount of the cancellation fee. This amount shall then be deducted from the total price of the reservation during the User's sojourn or credited back to the User's credit card in the event that the reservation is cancelled and no cancellation fees apply.

If the cost of the reservation is non-refundable, the hotel may charge the full amount of the reservation to the User's credit card upon confirmation. Non-refundable fees may not be modified or cancelled.

25. Waiver of liability

OnlineTravel shall be responsible to the client solely for confirming the reservation, but shall not be held liable for its fulfilment, which is the sole responsibility of the lodging service provider.

If the User has confirmed lodging reservations through OnlineTravel and a dispute arises prior to provision of the services by the lodging provider (e.g. the hotel), OnlineTravel agrees to act as an intermediary in order to offer alternative lodging at an establishment in the same category or better.

If the User should decide not to accept the proposed alternative, OnlineTravel, in its capacity as agency, shall reimburse any amounts paid.

OnlineTravel agrees to exercise maximum diligence in order to ensure that the data appearing on this Website is accurate and up-to-date at all times. The information displayed on this Website has been supplied by the providers, and OnlineTravel shall not be held liable for any possible inaccuracies.

The Website may contain links to other websites. OnlineTravel has no control over such third-party websites and shall not be held liable for their content.

Updated 18-6-2018

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